Marco Tomamichel Group Preprints

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Kun Fang, Xin Wang, M. Tomamichel, Mario Berta Quantum Channel Simulation and the Channel's Smooth Max-Information .
S. Pirandola, U. L. Andersen, L. Banchi, M. Berta, D. Bunandar, R. Colbeck, D. Englund, T. Gehring, C. Lupo, C. Ottaviani, J. Pereira, M. Razavi, J. S. Shaari, M. Tomamichel, V. C. Usenko, G. Vallone, P. Villoresi, P. Wallden Advances in Quantum Cryptography .
Kamil Korzekwa, Zbigniew Puchała, M. Tomamichel, Karol Życzkowski Encoding classical information into quantum resources.
Alexander McKinlay, M. Tomamichel Decomposition Rules for Quantum Rényi Mutual Information with an Application to Information Exclusion Relations.