• Zhao Liming
    Visiting Period: 03-Dec-18 to 28-Feb-19
    Visitor Office: NA
  • Joonwoo Bae
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
    Visiting Period: 08-Feb-19 to 21-Feb-19
    Visitor Office: S15-06-13
  • Ronald Cramer
    Leiden University
    Visiting Period: 09-Feb-19 to 12-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-04-06
  • Yassine Hamoudi
    Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
    Visiting Period: 12-Feb-19 to 18-Apr-19
    Visitor Office: S15-04-15D
  • Olivier Giraud
    Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Statistical Models (LPTMS)
    Visiting Period: 13-Feb-19 to 23-Feb-19
    Visitor Office: S15-06-13
  • Jun Suzuki
    The University of Electro-Communications
    Visiting Period: 14-Feb-19 to 23-Feb-19
    Visitor Office: S15-06-13
  • Raju Valivarthi
    Visiting Period: 17-Feb-19 to 24-Feb-19
    Visitor Office: S15-06-11
  • Michael Brooks
    Freelance writer
    Visiting Period: 21-Feb-19 to 26-Feb-19
    Visitor Office: S15-03-05
  • Luisa Siniscalchi
    University of Salerno
    Visiting Period: 22-Feb-19 to 15-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-04-14A
  • Daniel Grimmer
    University of Waterloo
    Visiting Period: 23-Feb-19 to 10-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-03-11
  • Gabriel Landi
    University of São Paulo
    Visiting Period: 24-Feb-19 to 07-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-04-20A
  • Marco Genovese
    Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica
    Visiting Period: 03-Mar-19 to 07-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-04-20A
  • Sayantan Roy
    Visiting Period: 03-Mar-19 to 06-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: To be advised
  • Nicolas Cherroret
    Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
    Visiting Period: 04-Mar-19 to 12-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-06-13
  • Jan Mostowski
    Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
    Visiting Period: 13-Mar-19 to 16-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: S15-06-13
  • Marco Saitta
    Sorbonne University
    Visiting Period: 23-Mar-19 to 28-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: To be advised
  • Stefan Dziembowski
    University of Warsaw, Poland
    Visiting Period: 24-Mar-19 to 30-Mar-19
    Visitor Office: To be advised
  • Waldemar Kłobus
    University of Gdansk
    Visiting Period: 31-Mar-19 to 18-Apr-19
    Visitor Office: @NTU