With growing global interest in the commercial potential of quantum technologies, from the precision sensors of today to the quantum computers of the future, we aim to deliver value from our research. The Centre for Quantum Technologies is recognised as a world-class research centre in its field. With some 150 research staff and students, we offer a critical mass of expertise. We welcome contact from industry or government to:

Be informed

How can your business or operations stay relevant as quantum technologies mature? Quantum computing has seen significant progress recently. It could open up new opportunities for industry, but at the same time could threaten current public key encryption systems. Quantum cryptography holds the promise to secure information against this threat. Many other application of quantum technology may be relevant in areas of precision sensing, generating random numbers and accurate clocks.

Engage with us

We welcome partnerships with industry as research collaborators or as technology partners to expand the frontier of quantum research and technologies. If you're looking for downstream applications that you can leverage on, CQT has a number of spin-off companies commercializing quantum technologies and a pool of intellectual property available for licencing. Engage with us or our spin-off companies for an exploratory discussion.

Hire from us

CQT trains its researchers and students to a high standard. We have created a core of people who could staff technology businesses. To encourage innovation, businesses also need to employ active problem solvers - and there's no doubt that doing research at CQT develops such skills. Talk to us if you're interested in hiring.

Examples of our activities

  • Industry workshops
    Industry workshops
    CQT offered a customised one-day workshop on practical quantum technologies to staff of ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd in March 2016. The programme included talks, technology demonstrations and interaction time. Read more here.
  • Exhibition
    GovWare 2017 - CQT exhibited at GovWare to bring awareness of quantum computing and quantum cryptography to the cyber secuiry community, consisting of "technology leaders, industry professionals, policy-makers and innovators".
  • Collaboration
    NUS-Singtel Corporate Lab - CQT is partnering Singtel on "Future-Ready Cyber Security Systems" with the goal of testing and calibrating Singtel's fibre network for quantum key distribution.
  • Expert speakers
    Expert speakers
    CQT researchers have given invited talks on quantum technologies at industry events. For example, Principal Investigator Alexander Ling spoke at the Global Space & Technology Convention 2016 about his group's work with CubeSats as a test-bed for designing quantum communication satellites.
  • Quantum hardware
    Quantum hardware
    An example of our quantum devices is a fast quantum random number generator that relies on hardware, as opposed to algorithmic approaches, to create random bits. The method relies on measurement of vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. Read more in the research paper here.

Contact us

CQT hosts visits to discuss your interest and conducts customised workshops to inform your organisation about disruptive trends in quantum technologies. Business or agencies interested in collaborating with CQT or learning more about CQT research can contact members of our Industry Relations team.