QUANTUM: The Exhibition


CQT is proud to be a sponsor of QUANTUM: The Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore, open until January 2020. The exhibition brings visitors on a journey from quantum concepts through the history of computing and into the world of quantum technologies. It combines a travelling exhibition developed by the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo in Canada with brand-new displays on local research, including projects from CQT. Follow the link to read more about the exhibition on Science Centre's website.

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National science award for CQT's Charles Lim


Charles Lim, a CQT Fellow, has won the Singapore Young Scientist Award 2019 "for his research on quantum cryptography that paves the way to practical quantum-safe networks". The national award is presented to scientists aged 35 and below who have shown potential to be world-class researchers in their field of expertise.


Congratulations Charles!

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As reported in Bloomberg Businessweek


Read about the research of CQT Principal Investigator Murray Barrett and his group in Bloomberg Businessweek! The article The Race to Build the World's Most Precise Clock features the work of Murray and his team with the element lutetium, including interviews and photos from the CQT lab. Follow the link to the story on Bloomberg's website.

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Shaping the future of quantum technology


Scientists at CQT are pushing the limits of today’s quantum technology, to reveal applications previously never thought of. Get a perspective on CQT's research in this feature by NUS News, with comments from CQT's Director and profiles of our Principal Investigators Alexander Ling, Loh Huanqian and Dimitris Angelakis. NUS News is published by the National University of Singapore, CQT's host university.


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Better precision from a quantum thermometer

Quantum computing hogs the headlines, but there are quantum advantages to be had for other technologies too. Researchers including CQT’s Stella Seah and Valerio Scarani describe in Physical Review Letters a scheme for quantum thermometry that beats classical limits.

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CQT’s Loh Huanqian a global thought-leader on quantum computing

The World Economic Forum invited CQT Principal Investigator Loh Huanqian to join its Global Future Council on Quantum Computing. She met with the international group for the first time 3-4 November 2019 in Dubai.

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Over 40 participants got a hands-on experience of coding for quantum computers at the two-day Qiskit Hackathon at CQT, held 11-12 October

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Read CQT's Valerio Scarani in Singapore newspaper The Straits Times on "Why you should care about quantum physics".

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Quantum SG - a network for Singapore's quantum research community

Did you know there are over 40 research groups in quantum technologies across Singapore, including those at CQT and other institutes of higher learning? Quantum SG is an initiative by researchers to provide a network for the quantum science and technology community, helping to build a vibrant quantum ecosystem.

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