Next CQT colloquium on Thursday 24 September


We are pleased to announce that Ernst Rasel from the Institute of Quantum Optics, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, will give CQT's September colloquium. He will speak on BEC interferometry on ground and in space. The colloquium is being held as an online event, happening at 4pm Singapore time (UTC +8) on Thursday 24 September. Please register to receive zoom details.

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CQT welcomes new Director


José Ignacio Latorre has assumed Directorship of the Centre for Quantum Technologies from 27 July 2020. On his appointment, José Ignacio said “I’m excited to work with the CQT team in the passionate and uncompromised search for knowledge and its applications, to make CQT and Singapore play a pivotal role in the new quantum era.” He takes over from Artur Ekert, who had led CQT since it was founded in 2007.

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Trained for the workplace


“After the first couple of years of my PhD, I knew I wanted to go into something where I could apply the knowledge I had been picking up,” says Sambit Pal, who graduated in 2017 and is now Chief Technology Officer for a company he co-founded. Like Sambit, many CQT alumni have taken their scientific skills into new types of roles. Working across a wide range of industries, CQT alumni can be found in banking, consulting, and in technical jobs including data science and engineering. Hear their stories.

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Play the Quantum Game with Photons


A sentient rock wants the laser off its face. A Venus flytrap is hungry for light. By adding just two mirrors, can you humour the rock and feed the flytrap? This puzzle is one of the first levels of the new Quantum Game with Photons 2, which features cute quantum components that follow accurate physics. Developed by a team of scientists, programmers and designers with support in 2019 from CQT, the educational game is now seeking players - and their feedback.

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Meet a CQTian: Tseng Ko-Wei

Meet Ko-Wei, a PhD student working on quantum computing and quantum information science with trapped ion systems. His interest in quantum physics began from his love for reading. He says, “I have a strong desire to explain and construct a framework of the world.” Ko-Wei tells us more in our Meet a CQTian interview series, where we speak to CQTians about their work, research and interests.

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Read CQT's Artur Ekert and Alexander Ling in Singapore newspaper The Straits Times on "Unlocking the quantum Internet from space".

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Check out the career opportunities available at CQT - groups across our Centre are recruiting at all levels.

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Hybrid machine learning algorithm optimises engineering of quantum sensors

CQT’s Mile Gu and Jayne Thompson, in a joint work with researchers in China, show that a classical computer and quantum computer can collaborate to engineer, test and iteratively improve a quantum probe.

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