Earn a PhD @ CQT

The CQT Scholarship Programme serves to attract highly talented students to undertake PhD studies at CQT, under the umbrella of the National University of Singapore, by offering top-class education in a vibrant environment, supported by a generous scholarship. Research and training at CQT are multidisciplinary, with each student having a focus in Science, Computing, or Engineering.

For further enquiries, please write to CQTPhD@nus.edu.sg

What We Offer

  • Research projects on
    • Experimental and theoretical quantum physics.
    • Information theory, both from the mathematical physics perspective and the computer science view.
    • Quantum cryptography and quantum computation.
    • Single-photon, single-atom physics.
    • Ultracold gases and ions.
  • Lecture courses on physics, mathematics and computer science
  • International internships and collaborations
  • Generous financial support

Who Is Eligible

  • Open worldwide.
  • Graduates with a passion for research in quantum information.
  • Graduates with at least good 2nd Upper Honours, or equivalent qualifications.

Our Students

We have now about 50 students at CQT taking their graduate studies.


Former PhD students are listed among the Centre's alumni. You can also find their theses collected here.



Students can approach any of the center's Principal Investigators to ask about opportunities to work with them. We encourage potential applicants to explore the group's research pages.