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Ben Jaderberg, Lewis W. Anderson, Weidi Xie, Samuel Albanie, M. Kiffner, D. Jaksch Quantum Self-Supervised Learning.
Nikita Gourianov, Michael Lubasch, Sergey Dolgov, Quincy Y. van den Berg, Hessam Babaee, Peyman Givi, M. Kiffner, D. Jaksch A Quantum Inspired Approach to Exploit Turbulence Structures.
K. Bharti, Tobias Haug, V. Vedral, L.C. Kwek NISQ Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming.
K. Bharti, Tobias Haug Quantum Assisted Simulator.
W.Z. Lau, K. Bharti, T. Haug, L.C. Kwek Quantum assisted simulation of time dependent Hamiltonians.
K.H. Lim, T. Haug, L.C. Kwek, K. Bharti Fast-Forwarding with NISQ Processors without Feedback Loop.
Rajendra Kumar, Yanlin Chen, D. Aggarwal, Yixin Shen Improved (Provable) Algorithms for the Shortest Vector Problem via Bounded Distance Decoding.
H. Klauck, D. Lim The aBc Problem and Equator Sampling Renyi Divergences.
Seth Lloyd, Samuel Bosch, Giacomo De Palma, Bobak Kiani, Zi-Wen Liu, Milad Marvian, P. Rebentrost, David M. Arvidsson-Shukur Quantum polar decomposition algorithm.
P. Rebentrost, Clement Canonne, Yihui Quek Robust quantum minimum finding with an application to hypothesis selection.
M. Santha, P. Rebentrost, Yassine Hamoudi, M.Ray, Siyi Yang, Xin Wang Quantum algorithms for hedging and the Sparsitron.
A. Garcia-Saez, J. I. Latorre Addressing hard classical problems with Adiabatically Assisted Variational Quantum Eigensolvers.
J. I. Latorre, Diego García-Martín, Carlos Bravo-Prieto Quantum Singular Value Decomposer.
Sergi Ramos-Calderer, Adrián Pérez-Salinas, Diego García-Martín, Carlos Bravo-Prieto, Jorge Cortada, Jordi Planagumà, J. I. Latorre Quantum unary approach to option pricing.
D. García-Martín, E. Ribas, S. Carrazza, J. I. Latorre, G. Sierra The Prime state and its quantum relatives.
J. Jirawat Tangpanitanon, J. Tangpanitanon, S. Thanasilp, Marc-Antoine Lemonde, Ninnat Dangniam, D.G. Angelakis Quantum supremacy in driven quantum many-body systems.
K. Bharti, M.Ray, A.Varvitsiotis, Adán Cabello, L.C. Kwek Local certification of programmable quantum devices of arbitrary high dimensionality.
K. Bharti, T. Haug, V. Vedral, L.C. Kwek How to Teach AI to Play Bell Non-Local Games: Reinforcement Learning.
Hsin-Yuan Huang, K. Bharti, P. Rebentrost Near-term quantum algorithms for linear systems of equations.
P. Rebentrost, Zhikuan Zhao, Liming Zhao, J. Fitzsimons Compiling basic linear algebra subroutines for quantum computers.
Seth Lloyd, P. Rebentrost Quantum computational finance: quantum algorithm for portfolio optimization.
Thomas R. Bromley, Brajesh Gupt, P. Rebentrost Photonic quantum algorithm for Monte Carlo integration.
H. Klauck, Debbie Lim The Power of One Clean Qubit in Communication Complexity.
I. Kerenidis, Alessandro Luongo Quantum classification of the MNIST dataset via Slow Feature Analysis.
I. Arad, Eyal Bairey, Netanel H. Lindner Learning a local Hamiltonian from local measurements.
Juan Miguel Arrazola, Eleni Diamanti, I. Kerenidis Quantum superiority for verifying NP-complete problems with linear optics.
YC.Zheng, Ching-Yi Lai, Todd A. Brun, L.C. Kwek Depth reduction for quantum Clifford circuits through Pauli measurements.
J. Shang, Y.L Seah, Boyu Wang, H.K. Ng, David John Nott, B.-G. Englert Random samples of quantum states: Online resources.
M. Stobi?ska, P. Rohde, P. Kurzynski Bosonic interference as a complementary resource for implementation of quantum walks.
Yuan-yuan Zhao, Neng-kun Yu, Guo-yong Xiang, Chuan-Feng Li,, Guang-Can Guo Experimental realisation of generalised qubit measurements based on quantum walks.
M. Laurent, A.Varvitsiotis Positive Semidefinite Matrix Completion, Universal Rigidity and the Strong Arnold Property.
J. I. Latorre, German Sierra Quantum Computation of Prime Number Functions.
R. Jain, P. Yao A parallel approximation algorithm for mixed packing and covering semidefinite programs.
Aleksandrs Belovs, T. Lee Quantum Algorithm for k-distinctness with Prior Knowledge on the Input.
Matthew McKague BQP interactive proof for recursive Fourier sampling.
T. Lee, Rajat Mittal, Ben W. Reichardt, Robert Spalek An adversary for algorithms.
Ming Lam Leung, Yang Li, Shengyu Zhang Tight bounds on the randomized communication complexity of symmetric XOR functions in one-way and SMP models.
S. Zhang Quantum Strategic Game Theory.
I. Kerenidis, S. Zhang A quantum protocol for sampling correlated equilibria unconditionally and without a mediator.