Information Theory

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A. Ekert, A. Dragan Reply to Galilean invariance without superluminal particles.
P. T. Grochowski, K. Dębski, J. Paczos, A. Dragan, A. R. H. Smith Quantum time dilation in a gravitational field.
K. Dębski, M. Zych, F. Costa, A. Dragan Indefinite temporal order without gravity.
A. Dragan, A. Ekert Reply to the comment on 'Quantum priniple of relativity' .
Y.L.Hu, Y. Ouyang, M. Tomamichel Privacy and correctness trade-offs for information-theoretically secure quantum homomorphic encryption.
Y. Ouyang, M. Tomamichel Learning quantum graph states with product measurements.
Mario Berta, Fernando G. S. L. Brandão, Gilad Gour, Ludovico Lami, Martin B. Plenio, Bartosz Regula, M. Tomamichel On a gap in the proof of the generalised quantum Stein\'s lemma and its consequences for the reversibility of quantum resources.
Mario Berta, M. Tomamichel Chain rules for quantum channels.
Markus Rambach, Akram Youssry, M. Tomamichel, Jacquiline Romero Efficient Quantum State Tracking in Noisy Environments.
Navneeth Ramakrishnan, M. Tomamichel, Mario Berta Moderate deviation expansion for fully quantum tasks.
R. Rubboli, M. Tomamichel Fundamental Limits on Correlated Catalytic State Transformations.
S.Kundu, Ernest Tan Composably secure device-independent encryption with certified deletion.
Upendra Kapshikar, N.G. Boddu Tamper Detection against Unitary Operators.
R. Jain, N.G. Boddu, D. Aggarwal, Maciej Lukasz Obremski Quantum Measurement Adversary.
Narayanan Rengaswamy, Y. Ouyang Weight Distribution of Classical Codes Influences Robust Quantum Metrology.
Y. Ouyang, Ramis Movassagh Constructing quantum codes from any classical code and their embedding in ground space of local Hamiltonians.
H. Shrotriya, K. Bharti, L.C. Kwek Robust Self Testing of All Pure Bipartite Maximally Entangled States via Quantum Steering.
Maciej Lukasz Obremski, D. Aggarwal A constant-rate non-malleable code in the split-state model..
D. García-Martín, E. Ribas, S. Carrazza, J. I. Latorre, G. Sierra The Prime state and its quantum relatives.
Wai-Keong Mok, D. Aghamalyan, J. You, L.C. Kwek Microtoroidal resonators enhance long-distance dynamical entanglement generation in chiral quantum networks.
K. Bharti, M.Ray, A.Varvitsiotis, Adán Cabello, L.C. Kwek Local certification of programmable quantum devices of arbitrary high dimensionality.
D. Aggarwal, Maciej Lukasz Obremski Inception makes non-malleable codes shorter as well!.
J. Tangpanitanon, J. Jirawat Tangpanitanon, S. Thanasilp, Marc-Antoine Lemonde, D.G. Angelakis Quantum supremacy with analog quantum processors for material science and machine learning.
D.Michele, A. Ho, Francesco Buscemi, V. Scarani Data-driven inference and observational completeness of quantum devices.
Anurag Anshu, R. Jain, Alexander Streltsov Quantum state redistribution with local coherence.
Anurag Anshu, R. Jain Quantum decoupling via efficient `classical' operations and the entanglement cost of one-shot quantum protocols.
A. Anshu, M. Hayashi, NA Warsi Secure communication over fully quantum Gelfand-Pinsker wiretap channel.
Anurag Anshu, M. Hayashi, Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi Secure communication over fully quantum Gelfand-Pinsker wiretap channel.
Ansis Rosmanis, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, Gus Gutoski Fidelity of quantum strategies with applications to cryptography.
Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, Zhaohui Wei Device-independent dimension test in a multiparty Bell experiment.
Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, John Selby A simple proof of the impossibility of bit-commitment in generalised probabilistic theories using cone programming.
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi A unified approach to source and message compression.
Thomas J. Elliott,, M. Gu, J. Thompson, N. Liu Continuous variable qumodes as non-destructive probes of quantum systems .
N. Liu, P. Rebentrost Quantum machine learning for quantum anomaly detection.
J. Shang, Y.L Seah, Boyu Wang, H.K. Ng, David John Nott, B.-G. Englert Random samples of quantum states: Online resources.
Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Pranab Sen, NA Warsi One-Shot Private Classical Capacity of Quantum Wiretap Channel: Based on one-shot quantum covering lemma.
J. I. Latorre, German Sierra Quantum Computation of Prime Number Functions.
Z.W. Teo, Joshua Combes, Howard M. Wiseman Global versus local optimality in feedback-controlled qubit purification: new insights from minimizing Rényi entropies.
Toby Cubitt, L. Mancinska, David Roberson, Simone Severini, Dan Stahlke, A. Winter Bounds on entanglement assisted source-channel coding via the Lovasz theta number and its variants.
Duy Nguyen Truong, M.E. McKague, S. Wehner Entanglement improves classical control.
L. Chen, M. Aulbach, Michal Hajdusek A comparison of old and new definitions of the geometric measure of entanglement.
R. Jain, P. Yao A strong direct product theorem in terms of the smooth rectangle bound.
M.E. McKague, L. Sheridan Insider-proof encryption with applications for quantum key distribution.
L. Pankowski, Fernando Brandao, M. Horodecki, G. Smith Entanglement distillation by means of k-extendible maps.
Karoline Wiesner, M. Gu, E. Rieper, V. Vedral Information-theoretic bound on the energy cost of stochastic simulation.
P. Kurzynski, Akihito Soeda, R. Ramanathan, Andrzej Grudka, Jayne Thompson, D. Kaszlikowski Emergence of non-contextuality in macroscopic systems.
M. Aulbach Symmetric entanglement classes for n qubits.
K.L. Lee, J. Shang, Wee Kang Chua, Shiang Yong Looi, B.-G. Englert SOMIM: An open-source program code for the numerical Search for Optimal Measurements by an Iterative Method.
O. Dahlsten, Daniel Lercher, Renato Renner Tsirelson\'s bound from a Generalised Data Processing Inequality.
Markus P. Müller, O. Dahlsten, V. Vedral Unifying typical entanglement and coin tossing: on randomization in probabilistic theories.