Computer Science Group Publications

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D. Aggarwal, N. Stephens-Davidowitz (2018). (Gap/S)ETH Hardness of SVP. ACM STOC
D. Aggarwal, A. Joux, A. Prakash, M. Santha (2018). A new public-key cryptosystem via Mersenne numbers. CRYPTO
G. Ivanyos, Marek Karpinski, M. Santha, Nitin Saxena, Igor Shparlinski (2018). Polynomial Interpolation and Identity Testing from High Powers over Finite Fields. Algorithmica 80 560-575
Mathieu Bozzio, Adeline Orieux, Luis Trigo Vidarte, Isabelle Zaquine, I. Kerenidis, Eleni Diamanti (2018). Experimental investigation of practical unforgeable quantum money. New J. Phys.
I. Arad, M. Santha, Aarthi Sundaram, Shengyu Zhang (2018). Linear time algorithm for quantum 2SAT. Theory of Computing 1-27
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi (2018). Building blocks for communication over noisy quantum networks. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi (2018). A hypothesis testing approach for communication over entanglement assisted compound quantum channel. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
G. IvanyosY. Qiao (2018). Algorithms based on *-algebras, and their applications to isomorphism of polynomials with one secret, group isomorphism, and polynomial identity testing. ACM SIAM SODA 2357-2376
A. Anshu, Min-Hsiu Hsieh, R. Jain (2018). Quantifying resource in catalytic resource theory. Phys. Rev. Lett.
Youming Qiao, G. Ivanyos (2018). Algorithms based on *-algebras, and their applications to isomorphism of polynomials with one secret, group isomorphism, and polynomial identity testing. Symposium on Discrete Algorithms 2357-2376
D. Aggarwal, Noah Stephens-Davidowitz (2018). Just Take the Average! An Embarrassingly Simple $2^n$-Time Algorithm for SVP (and CVP). Proceedings of the Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi (2018). A generalized quantum Slepian-Wolf. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
A. Anshu, R. Jain, NA Warsi (2018). A one-shot achievability result for quantum state redistribution. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
A. Anshu, Ankit Garg, Aram Harrow, P. Yao (2018). Expected communication cost of distributed quantum tasks. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Mika Goos, R. Jain, Thomas Watson (2018). Extension Complexity of Independent Set Polytopes. SIAM Journal of Computing
M. Grassl, L. Kong, Z.H. Wei, Z. Yin, B. Zeng (2018). Quantum Error-Correcting Codes for Qudit Amplitude Damping. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
André Chailloux, I. Kerenidis (2017). Optimal bounds for quantum bit commitment. SIAM Journal of Computing 46 1647–167
D. Aggarwal, M. Obremski, T. Kazana (2017). Inception makes non-malleable codes stronger. Theory of Cryptography
H. Klauck (2017). The Complexity of Quantum Disjointness. International Symposium MFCS 83 15:1-15:13
A.Prakash, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, A.Varvitsiotis, Zhaohui Wei (2017). Completely positive semidefinite rank. Mathematical Programming
Vishwas Bhargava, Gábor Ivanyos, Rajat Mittal, Nitin Saxena (2017). Irreducibility and r-th root finding over finite fields. ISSAC 37-44
G. Ivanyos, Youming Qiao, K. V. Subrahmanyam (2017). On generating the ring of matrix semi-invariants. Computational Complexity 26 717-763
D. Gavinsky, R. Jain, H. Klauck, S.Kundu, T. Lee, M. Santha, S. Sanyal, Jevgenijs Vihrovs (2017). Quadratically Tight Relations for Randomized Query Complexity. CSR
A. Anshu, D. Gavinsky, R. Jain, S.Kundu, T. Lee, P. Mukhopadhyay, M. Santha, S. Sanyal (2017). A Composition Theorem for Randomized Query Complexity. FSTTCS 2017
A. Anshu, V. Krishna, R. Jain (2017). Quantum Communication Using Coherent Rejection Sampling. Phys. Rev. Lett. 119 120506
A. Anshu (2017). An upper bound on quantum capacity of unital channels. Proc. IEEE ITW
A. Anshu, Dave Touchette, P. Yao, Nengkun Yu (2017). Exponential Separation of Quantum Communication and Classical Information. ACM STOC 277-288
A. Anshu, R. Jain, P. Mukhopadhyay, Ala Shayeghi, P. Yao (2017). A new operational interpretation of relative entropy and trace distance between quantum states. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
A. Anshu, Shalev Ben-David, Ankit Garg, R. Jain, Robin Kothari, T. Lee (2017). Separating quantum communication and approximate rank. Proc. IEEE CCC
Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, A.Varvitsiotis (2017). Linear conic formulations for two-party correlations and values of nonlocal games. Mathematical Programming 162 431-463
G. Ivanyos, M. Santha (2017). On solving systems of diagonal polynomial equations over finite fields. Theoretical Computer Science 657 73-85
T. Lee, Z.H. Wei, Ronald de Wolf (2017). Some upper and lower bounds on PSD-rank. Mathematical Programming 162 495--521
Z.H. Wei, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora (2017). Device-independent characterizations of the quantum state in a Bell experiment. Phys. Rev. A 95 032103
R. Jain, Z.H. Wei, Penghui Yao, S. Zhang (2017). Multipartite Quantum Correlation and Communication Complexities. Computational Complexity 26 199--228
P. Mukhopadhyay, Y. Qiao (2017). Sparse multivariate polynomial interpolation in the basis of Schubert polynomials. Computational Complexity 26 881-909
Z.H. Wei, S. Zhang (2017). Quantum Game Players Can Have Advantage Without Discord. Information and Computation 256 174-184
D. Aggarwal, O. Regev (2016). A Note on Discrete Gaussian Combinations of Lattice Vectors. CJTCS 1
(2016). Revisiting the {S}anders-{B}ogolyubov-{R}uzsa theorem in $mathbb{F}_p^n$ and its application to non-malleable codes. IEEE ISIT 1322-1326
A. Anshu, I. Arad, Thomas Vidick (2016). Simple proof of the detectability lemma and spectral gap amplification. Phys. Rev. B 93 205142
A. Anshu (2016). Concentration bounds for quantum states with finite correlation length on quantum spin lattice systems. New J. Phys. 18 083011
Prahladh Harsha, R. Jain, Jaikumar Radhakrishnan (2016). Partition bound is quadratically tight for product distributions. Proceedings of ICALP
A. Anshu, I. Arad, Aditya Jain (2016). How local is the information in MPS/PEPS tensor networks?. Phys. Rev. B 94 195143
Ashwin Nayak, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, Levent Tuncel (2016). A search for quantum coin-flipping protocols using optimization techniques. Mathematical Programming 156 581-613
Frederic Magniez, Ashwin Nayak, M. Santha, Jonah Sherman, G. Ivanyos, David Xiao (2016). Improved bounds for the randomized decision tree complexity of recursive majority. Random Structures and Algorithms 48 612-638
Andre Chailloux, I. Kerenidis, S.Kundu, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora (2016). Optimal bounds for parity-oblivious random access codes. New J. Phys. 045003
Alex B. Grilo, I. Kerenidis, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora (2016). QMA with subset state witnesses. CJTCS
Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, A.Varvitsiotis, Z.H. Wei (2016). Minimum dimension of a Hilbert space needed to generate a quantum correlation. Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 060401
Jamie William Jonathon Sikora (2016). Simple, near-optimal quantum protocols for die-rolling based on integer-commitment. TQCCC
Jamie William Jonathon Sikora, A.Varvitsiotis, Z.H. Wei (2016). Device-independent dimension tests in the prepare-and-measure scenario. Phys. Rev. A 94 042125
Gbor Braun, R. Jain, T. Lee, Sebastian Pokutta (2016). Information-theoretic approximations of the nonnegative rank. Computational Complexity 1-50
A. Anshu, Aleksandrs Belovs, Shalev Ben-David, Mika Gs, R. Jain, Robin Kothari, T. Lee, M. Santha (2016). Separations in communication complexity using cheat sheets and information complexity. Proc. IEEE FOCS 555-564
Nikhil Balaji, Samir Datta, R. Kulkarni, S. Podder (2016). Graph properties in node-query setting: effect of breaking symmetry. International Symposium MFCS
T. Lee, A.Prakash, R. de Wolf, H. Yuen (2016). On the sum-of-squares degree of symmetric quadratic functions. Proc. IEEE CCC
Alex B. Grilo, I. Kerenidis, A. Pereszlenyi (2016). Pointer Quantum PCPs and Multi-Prover Games. International Symposium MFCS
T. Lee, N. Leonardos, M. Saks, F. Wang (2016). Hellinger volume and number-on-the-forehead communication complexity. Journal of Computer and System Sciences
L. Mancinska, D. E. Roberson, A.Varvitsiotis (2016). On deciding the existence of perfect entangled strategies for nonlocal games. CJTCS 1-16
I. Arad, A. Bouland, D. Grier, M. Santha, A. Sundaram, S. Zhang (2016). On the complexity of probabilistic trials for hidden satisfiability problems. International Symposium MFCS 12 1-14
Andris Ambainis, Kaspars Balodis, Aleksandrs Belovs, T. Lee, M. Santha, Juris Smotrovs (2016). Separation in query complexity based on pointer functions. Proceedings of ACM STOC 800-813
D. Gavinsky (2016). Entangled simultaneity versus classical interactivity in communication complexity. Proceedings of ACM STOC
D. Gavinsky, Pavel Pudlak (2016). On the Joint Entropy of d-Wise-Independent Variables. Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae 57 333-343
Iordanis Kerenidis, Andr Chailloux, Srijita Kundu, Jamie Sikora (2016). Optimal bounds for parity-oblivious random access codes with applications. New J. Phys. 18 045003
R. Jain (2016). New strong direct product results in communication complexity. JACM 62
Sevag Gharibian, Jamie William Jonathon Sikora (2015). Ground state connectivity of local Hamiltonians. Proceedings of ICALP 9134 617-628
Robin Kothari, DR.Desloges, M. Santha (2015). Separating decision tree complexity from subcube partition complexity. Proceedings of International Workshop on Randomization and Computation 915-930
Friesen, Mirjam, Hamed, Aya, T. Lee, Theis, Dirk Oliver (2015). Fooling-sets and rank. European Journal of Combinatorics 48
Chakraborty, Sourav, R. Kulkarni, Lokam, Satyanarayana V., Saurabh, Nitin (2015). Upper Bounds on Fourier Entropy. Computing and Combinatorics 9198
J. Kaniewski, T. Lee, de Wolf, Ronald (2015). Query Complexity in Expectation. Automata, Languages, and Programming 9134
Sattath, Or, I. Arad (2015). A CONSTRUCTIVE QUANTUM LOVASZ LOCAL LEMMA FOR COMMUTING PROJECTORS. Quantum Information and Computation 15
R. Kulkarni, Y. Qiao, Sun, Xiaoming (2015). On the Power of Parity Queries in Boolean Decision Trees. Theory and Applications of Models of Computation 9076
I. Kerenidis, Sophie Laplante, Virginie Lerays, Jeremie Roland, David Xiao (2015). Lower Bounds on Information Complexity via Zero-Communication Protocols and Applications. SIAM Journal of Computing 44
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