Quantum Cryptography

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Clinton Cahall, Jungsang Kim, Nurul T. Islam, C.W. Lim, Daniel J. Gauthier Securing quantum key distribution systems using fewer states.
R. Bedington, A. Ling, Chandrasekara C.M.R.B., Chandrasekara C.M.R.B., J. Grieve SpooQySats: cubesats to demonstrate quantum key distribution technologies.
Chandrasekara C.M.R.B., Simon Barraclough, R. Bedington, Douglas Griffin, B.Xueliang, Russell Boyce, K. Ilangovan, A. Ling, Chandrasekara C.M.R.B., Denis Naughton, Y.S. Yau Demonstrating Miniaturised, entangled photon-pair sources on board nano satellites to enable future QKD missions.
A. Ling, Aitor Villar, A. Lohrmann Experimental entangled photon pair generation using parallel crystals.
Valerio Scarani QKD: a million signal task.
Jian-Yu Guan, J.M. Arrazola, Ryan Amiri, Weijun Zhang, Hao Li, Lixing You, Zhen Wang, Qiang Zhang, Jian-Wei Pan Experimental preparation and verification of quantum money.
J.M. Arrazola, Ryan Amiri Secret key expansion from covert communication.
I. Kerenidis, S. Zhang A quantum protocol for sampling correlated equilibria unconditionally and without a mediator.
P. Kurzynski, Marcin Markiewicz, D. Kaszlikowski Cryptographic security of the quantum key distribution from the triangle inequality.
Mario Berta, Matthias Christandl, Fabian Furrer, Volkher B. Scholz, M. Tomamichel Continuous Variable Entropic Uncertainty Relations in the Presence of Quantum Memory.
M.E. McKague, L. Sheridan Insider-proof encryption with applications for quantum key distribution.
Jaskaran Singh, K. Bharti, Arvind A quantum key distribution protocol based on contextuality monogamy.
P. Coles, Fabian Furrer Entropic Formulation of Heisenberg\'s Error-Disturbance Relation.
Rotem Arnon Friedman, E. Hänggi, Amnon Ta-Shma Towards the impossibility of non-signalling privacy amplification from time-like ordering constraints.
M. Tomamichel, Jesus Martinez-Mateo, Christoph Pacher, David Elkouss Fundamental Finite Key Limits for Information Reconciliation in Quantum Key Distribution.
Yang Liu, J.M. Arrazola, Wei-Zhao Liu, Weijun Zhang, Ignatius William Primaatmaja, Hao Li, Lixing You, Zhen Wang, V. Scarani, Qiang Zhang, Jian-Wei Pan Experimental unconditionally secure covert communication in dense wavelength-division multiplexing networks.
H. Klauck, S. Podder New Bounds for the Garden-Hose Model.
A. Ling, Christoph Wildfeuer, V. Scarani A note on quantum safe symmetric key growing.
C. Pfister, P. Coles, S. Wehner, Norbert Lutkenhaus Sifting attacks in finite-size quantum key distribution.
R. Jain, Carl A. Miller, Yaoyun Shi Parallel Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution.