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We are a theoretical group, working both in foundational and applied aspects of quantum information science. Currently we are focusing on two main areas.

The first is the device-independent approach to quantum physics. We study quantum correlations that exhibit the phenomenon of Bell nonlocality and assess the usefulness of the underlying quantum states and measurements for quantum information tasks, without having any prior knowledge about those states or the measurements. We are also aiming at characterising the set of such correlations that can be achieved with quantum resources.

The second is theoretical quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics. Here it is a matter of describing and inventing devices based on quantum physics. In particular, thermodynamics is the object of heated debates between those who think it must be "physics" and those who think it is rather "information". Without taking an exclusive stance, our approach is to start from very concrete physical models and explore how notions from information theory arise.


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Valerio Scarani joined NUS and CQT in 2007. He was born in Milan, Italy, in 1972. At the moment of choosing his university degree, he opted for physics with the grand dream of understanding the world. After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 1996, he heard about the birth of quantum information science, but the complexities of life led him to a pragmatic PhD thesis in the same university. So he spent the next four years of his life detecting insanely broad NMR spectra from magnetic nanostructures. He was lucky enough to be given a second chance in the year 2000, when Nicolas Gisin offered him a postdoc at the University of Geneva, to work on theoretical quantum information. His luck persists to this day.

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