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Quantum mechanics and computer science are two of the biggest developments in the last century in science and technology: quantum mechanics gave us the opportunity to understand nature at the nanoscale, where the laws of physics are fundamentally different from the conventional (classical) physics; information technologies have revolutionized our everyday lives.

Quantum computing and quantum information science bring these fields together, applying quantum mechanics to problems in computing and communication. After Shor's 1994 discovery of a quantum algorithm for factoring integers, which threatened the security of a widely-used encryption method, interest in quantum information science thrived. Other achievements of quantum information science include efficient and secure protocols for communication and cryptography. Those protocols have already resulted in quantum cryptography devices that are commercially available.

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Recent papers

  • Shengyu Zhang, M. Santha, Tongyang Li, T. Lee. (2021). On the cut dimension of a graph. 200 15:1-15:35
  • Shengyu Zhang, M. Santha, T. Lee. (2021). Quantum algorithms for graph problems with cut queries. 939-958
  • M. Santha, Siyi Yang, Xin Wang, Maharshi Ray, Yassine Hamoudi, Frank Patrick Rebentrost. (2021). Quantum algorithms for hedging and the learning of Ising models. Phys. Rev. A 103
  • M. Santha, S. Massar. (2021). Total Functions in QMA. Quantum Information Processing 20
  • S.Kundu, Ernest Tan. Composably secure device-independent encryption with certified deletion.
  • Upendra S. Kapshikar, N.G. Boddu. Tamper Detection against Unitary Operators.
  • S.Kundu, Shalev Ben-David, Anurag Anshu. (2021). On Query-to-Communication Lifting for Adversary Bounds.
  • Maciej Lukasz Obremski, R. Jain, N.G. Boddu, D. Aggarwal. Quantum Measurement Adversary.
  • S.Kundu, R. Jain. A direct product theorem for quantum communication complexity with applications to device-independent QKD.
  • Dave Touchette, Ashwin Nayak, R. Jain, Shima Bab Hadiashar, Anurag Anshu. (2021). One-shot quantum state redistribution and quantum Markov chains.
  • R. Jain. (2021). Chain-rules for channel capacity.
  • S.Kundu, R. Jain. (2021). A Direct Product Theorem for One-Way Quantum Communication.
  • M.Ray, N.G. Boddu, K. Bharti, L.C. Kwek, Adán Cabello. (2021). Graph-theoretic approach to dimension witnessing. New J. Phys. 23 033006
  • Aarthi Sundaram, M. Santha, Youming Qiao, Raghav Kulkarni, Gábor Ivanyos. (2018). On the Complexity of Trial and Error for Constraint Satisfaction Problems. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 92 48-64
  • Aleksandrs Belovs, Andris Ambainis, Kaspars Balodis, M. Santha, Juris Smotrovs, T. Lee. (2017). Separations in Query Complexity Based on Pointer Functions. JACM 64
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