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Berge Englert Group

We are investigating questions that can be grouped into two categories: (1) quantum information proper and (2) cold atoms.

  1. A central theme is the perennial question: What can we know about a quantum system? Specific problems under study concern complementarity and its immediate consequences, such as quantitative aspects of wave-particle duality; measurement schemes for quantum state tomography; the reconstructing of quantum states from noisy and incomplete measurements; as well as the robust encoding of quantum information for the purposes of storage and processing.
  2. We are interested in ultracold dilute gases of neutral atoms, fermions and bosons, in two-dimensional and one-dimensional geometries, which will soon be ready for experimental studies at CQT and elsewhere. The problems under study include the band structure, transport properties, and finite-temperature effects of many-atom systems in periodic lattices, such as the graphene-type honeycomb lattice; strongly interacting systems of this kind; mixtures of fermions and bosons; existence and phenomenology of the FFLO phase in one- dimensional and two-dimensional systems; superfluidity and other phases with particular properties; and analogs of the Hall and spin-Hall effects.

Berge Englert
(Principal Investigator)
Email: cqtebg@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-06-01
Phone:+65 6516 6262
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Berge Englert (Principal Investigator) Chai Jing Hao (CQT PhD Student)
Ng Hui Khoon (Assistant Professor) Gu Yanwu (PhD Student (Physics Dept, NUS))
Martin-Isbjorn Trappe (Research Fellow) Jiaan Qi (PhD Student (Science Faculty, NUS))
Shrobona Bagchi (Research Fellow) Len Yink Loong (CQT PhD Student)
Todd Lu Yiping (Postdoctoral Fellow (Yale-NUS College)) Mikolaj Paraniak (CQT PhD Student)
Chau Thanh Tri (Research Assistant) Seah Yi-Lin, Max (CQT PhD Student)
Li Weijun (Research Assistant) Sim Jun Yan (CQT PhD Student)
Peter Hanggi (Visiting Research Professor) Ulrike Bornheimer (CQT PhD Student)
Alexander Hue (PhD Student (NGS)) Ye Luyao (CQT PhD Student)