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Kai Dieckmann Group

The Quantum Matter Group is conducting experimental research in the field of ultracold quantum gases. After the achievements of laser cooling and Bose-Einstein condensation of dilute alkaline gases this field has been rapidly expanding and a great variety of quantum properties of interacting many body systems have been studied in such cold atom systems. With advancements in cooling methods it also became possible to realize quantum degenerate Fermi gases with cold atoms and cold ensembles in optical lattices. At the same time the theoretical and experimental methods have been developed into a toolbox for tailoring cold atom systems in order to study the physics of quantum many body systems of other physical disciplines and for the study of new quantum phenomena. These tools allow studying such quantum simulators with unprecedented control of quantum coherence, interactions, purity, dimensionality, and order that cannot be obtained in e.g. solid state physics. It is the main objective of this research group to advance these tools and exploit them for investigating quantum many body systems based on fermionic atoms. Further, the application of advanced experimental methods for other quantum technologies like precision measurements and quantum information processing shall be explored.



For a complete list of group members please look here:

Kai Dieckmann
(Principal Investigator)
Office: S15-01-07
Phone:+65 6516 6585
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Kai Dieckmann (Principal Investigator) Tan Senmao (Research Assistant)
Sunil Kumar (Research Fellow) Sofia Botsi (CQT PhD Student)
Andrew Laugharn (Research Assistant) Yang Anbang (CQT PhD Student)
Christine Satter (Research Assistant)