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Oh Choo Hiap Group

We are working on quantum information, quantum computation and the related fundamental issues in quantum theory. Our main research fields include

  1. Quantum phase factors and their applications in various quantum informational processings, in particular we are interested in the geometrical and topological aspects.
  2. Characterizing the decoherence and developing efficient ways to correct and suppress the errors induced by decoherence.
  3. Entanglement and quantum correlations beyond entanglement, such as quantum discord, and quantum nonlocality.

There are openings for PhD students. Applicants with strong background in quantum physics are preferred. Please refer to PhD @ CQT for more information.

Oh Choo Hiap
(Emeritus Professor/ CQT Fellow)
Email: phyohch@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-04-19B
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Oh Choo Hiap (Emeritus Professor/ CQT Fellow)