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Dagomir Kaszlikowski Group

Our main research interest can be summarized in one word: CORRELATIONS. We are interested in correlations because, from an orthodox point of view, quantum theory is nothing more than a theory of correlations in space and time.

Correlations is a common language for information aspects of quantum theory like quantum nonlocality, contextuality, quantum information processing in general, quantum entanglement and the physics of strongly correlated many-body systems.

Our interests in quantum theory has recently led us to study its applications in biology where nontrivial quantum effects may play a critical role in the functioning of certain biological systems. We have started to study the avian compass of migratory birds by applying quantum-information concepts to describe the underlying chemical reactions believed to be responsible for the bird's ability to navigate.

Apart from that, we play ping pong, explore the 20th century pop culture, boulder and make movies.

Group Webpage: http://dag.quantumlah.org

Dagomir Kaszlikowski
(Principal Investigator)
Email: phykd@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-06-09
Phone:+65 6516 5622
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Dagomir Kaszlikowski (Principal Investigator) Pawel Kurzynski (Visiting Senior Research Fellow)
Debasis Mondal (Research Fellow) Marek Wajs (CQT PhD Student)
Junghee Ryu (Research Fellow)