Joseph Fitzsimons Group

Research interests within the group span many areas of theoretical quantum information science. However, there are several areas which are of mutual interest to a significant number of group members.

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Group Members

Recent papers

  • N. Liu, H. Cable. (2017). Quantum-enhanced multi-parameter estimation for unitary photonic systems. 12311412 2 2
  • N. Liu, J. Goold, I. Fuentes, V. Vedral, K. Modi, D. E. Bruschi. (2016). Quantum Thermodynamics for a Model of an Expanding Universe. 33 3
  • Perez-Delgado, Carlos A., J. Fitzsimons. (2015). Iterated Gate Teleportation and Blind Quantum Computation. Phys. Rev. Lett. 114 220502
  • J. Fitzsimons, Jones, Jonathan A., V. Vedral. (2015). Quantum correlations which imply causation. Scientific Reports 5 18281
  • Stefanie Barz, Elham Kashefi, Anne Broadbent, J. Fitzsimons, Anton Zeilinger, Philip Walther. (2012). Experimental Demonstration of Blind Quantum Computing. Science 303
  • Biamonte, JD, Bergholm, V., Whitfield, J.D., J. Fitzsimons, Aspuru-Guzik, A.. (2011). Adiabatic quantum simulators. AIP Advances 1 022126
  • Yuichiro Matsuzaki, Simon C. Benjamin, J. Fitzsimons. (2011). Entangling unstable optically active matter qubits. Phys. Rev. A 83 060303
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