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Technologies that harness quantum effects have huge potential. We are currently witnessing rapid development in this area: research has already led to quantum technologies with applications ranging from precision time keeping to high accuracy inertial measurements and tests of fundamental theories. In my group, we are working on the further development of these technologies with the aim of utilizing the quantum nature of ultra-cold atomic matter. Our projects include work with superconducting atom chips, Bose-Einstein condensates, miniaturized optical systems for quantum information processing and building a compact and transportable atom interferometer for the precise determination of local gravity.

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Recent papers

  • Crepaz, Herbert, Ley, Li Yuan, R. Dumke. (2015). Cavity enhanced atomic magnetometry. Scientific Reports 5 015448
  • L. Amico, D. Aghamalyan, H. Crepaz, F. Auksztol, F. Auksztol, R. Dumke, L.C. Kwek. (2014). Superfluid qubit systems with ring shaped optical lattices. Scientific Reports 4 4298
  • K. S. Chan, M. Siercke, C. Hufnagel, R. Dumke. (2014). Adsorbate Electric Fields on a Cryogenic Atom Chip. Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 026101
  • M. Siercke, F. E. Oon, A. Mohan, Z. W. Wang, M. J. Lim, R. Dumke. (2014). Density dependence of the Ionization Avalanche in ultracold Rydberg gases. Phys. Rev. A 89 022701
  • M. Siercke, Kin Sung Chan, B. Zhang, M. Beian, Michael J Lim, R. Dumke. (2012). Reconfigurable self-sufficient traps for ultracold atoms based on a superconducting square. Phys. Rev. A 85 041403(R)
  • B. Zhang, M. Siercke, Kin Sung Chan, M. Beian, Michael J Lim, R. Dumke. (2012). Magnetic confinement of neutral atoms based on patterned vortex distributions in superconducting disks and rings. Phys. Rev. A 85 013404
  • R. Fermani, T. Muller, B. Zhang, M.J. Lim, R. Dumke. (2010). Heating rate and spin flip lifetime due to near-field noise in layered superconducting atom chips. J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 43 095002
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