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In our theory group we investigate quantum information from a variety of angles that range from the very abstract to the more applied; from mathematical physics to quantum biology. Quantum discord, a more general notion than quantum entanglement, is investigated from a theoretical viewpoint, and very general conditions for its existence are analysed. With regard to thermodynamics, we have been looking for interpretations of the negative conditional entropies that appear in quantum mechanics. Other theoretical topics that are being studied are the generation of local SU(2) and SL(2,C) invariants for a collection of qubits in the spirit of lattice gauge theory, as well as the investigation of entanglement and SL(2,C) invariance in permutation-symmetric states. As far as the more applied side, we have recently showed that quantum coherence and entanglement present in the retinas of European Robins have a high noise tolerance, and thus could play a role in avian bird nagivation. Another biological system which is being investigated by means of theoretical models as well as experiments are electron transport processes in the mitochondria, the cellular power plants.

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Recent papers

  • N. Liu, J. Goold, I. Fuentes, V. Vedral, K. Modi, D. E. Bruschi. (2016). Quantum Thermodynamics for a Model of an Expanding Universe. 33 3
  • N. Liu, J. Thompson, Christian Weedbrook, Seth Lloyd, V. Vedral, M. Gu. (2016). The power of one qumode for quantum computation. Phys. Rev. A 93 052304
  • Christian Weedbrook, Stefano PIrandola, J. Thompson, V. Vedral, M. Gu. (2016). How discord underlies the noise resilience of quantum illumination . New J. Phys. 18 043027
  • Mihai D. Vidrighin, Oscar Dahlsten, Marco Barbieri, M.S. Kim, V. Vedral, Ian A. Walmsley. (2016). Photonic Maxwell's Demon. Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 050401
  • Xiao Yuan, Syed M. Assad, J. Thompson, Jing Yan Haw, V. Vedral, Timothy C. Ralph, Ping Koy Lam, Christian Weedbrook, M. Gu. (2015). Replicating the benefits of closed timelike curves without breaking causality. NPJ: Quantum Information 1 15007
  • S.Y. Lee, J. Thompson, Sadegh; Kurzynski, P. Kurzynski, D. Kaszlikowski. (2015). Quantum information approach to Bose-Einstein condensation of composite bosons. New J. Phys. 17 113015
  • Farrow, T., Taylor, R. A., V. Vedral. (2015). Towards witnessing quantum effects in complex molecules. Farad. Discuss. 184
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