Kwek Leong Chuan Group

Quantum network and other issues
Quantum entanglement lies at the heart of many quantum information processors. It is still an open question how one could share or generate large-scale quantum networks of remote stationary qubits efficiently. Many of these remote quantum entanglements rely on scattering between flying qubits like photons or electrons from matter qubits like atoms or molecules. Our group is interested in various issues related to entanglement ranging from distributed quantum computation to measurement-based quantum computation to quantum metrology and hybrid quantum systems. Members of the group are also involved in quantum simulations, quantum state transfer and the investigation of open quantum systems.

Group Members

Recent papers

  • M. Hayashi. (2017). Finite-Block-Length Analysis in Classical and Quantum Information Theory. 93 99 - 124
  • Shun Watanabe, M. Hayashi. (2017). Finite-length Analysis on Tail probability for Markov Chain and Application to Simple Hypothesis Testing. 27 811-845
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  • Christoph Hirche, M. Hayashi, Emilio Bagan, John Calsamiglia. (2017). Discrimination power of a quantum detector. Phys. Rev. Lett. 118 160502
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  • Wataru Kumagai, M. Hayashi. (2017). Random Number Conversion and LOCC Conversion via Restricted Storage. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 63 2504 - 253
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