Quantum Sensing & Metrology

With exquisite control over single atoms and photons, we aim to build measurement tools of unprecedented precision for magnetic fields, gravity and time. Society has already benefited from a first wave of quantum technologies such as the atomic clock and magnetic resonance imaging. Scientists see potential to improve measurement tools and unlock new applications thanks to modern experimental techniques.


Alexander Ling

Area Keywords: accelerometer, atom-light interaction

David Wilkowski

Area Keywords: Casimir-Polder, general relativity, inertial sensors, optical clock

Dimitris G. Angelakis

Area Keywords: atom-light interaction, superconducting qubits, trapped ions, ultracold atoms

Kai Dieckmann

Area Keywords: frequency comb, laser spectroscopy

Kwek Leong Chuan

Area Keywords: atom-light interaction, atomtronics, hybrid systems, superconducting qubits

Manas Mukherjee

Area Keywords: beyond Heisenberg, dark matter, noise, quantum feedback, trapped ions

Murray Barrett

Area Keywords: atomic clocks, frequency metrology, precision measurement

Rainer Dumke

Area Keywords: accelerometer, bio magnetism, gravimetry, magnetometry, navigation

Travis Nicholson

Area Keywords: atomic clocks, global timekeeping, stable lasers

Vlatko Vedral

Area Keywords: phase estimation

Wenhui Li

Area Keywords: microwave-to-optical conversion, Rydberg electrometry, THz sensing