Basic Science

History tells us that fundamental research can spark technological revolutions we could never have predicted. Researchers at CQT work not only towards developing specific applications of quantum technologies, but also to deepen humanity's understanding of the behaviour of light, matter and the universe. We are interested in the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns.


Alexander Ling

Area Keywords: entanglement

Berge Englert

Area Keywords:

Charles Lim

Area Keywords: correlations, entanglement, nonlocality, semidefinite programming

Christian Kurtsiefer

Area Keywords: atom-light interaction, quantum optics

Dagomir Kaszlikowski

Area Keywords: alternative formulations of quantum theory, computation with quasi-probability distributions, contextuality, nonlocality

Dimitris G. Angelakis

Area Keywords: Bose Hubbard, many-body systems, quantum optics, strongly correlated systems, topological physics

Divesh Aggarwal

Area Keywords: algorithms and complexity of lattice problems, pseudorandomness

Kai Dieckmann

Area Keywords: interacting many-body systems, many-body systems

Kwek Leong Chuan

Area Keywords: contextuality, entanglement, nonlocality

Marco Tomamichel

Area Keywords: quantum information, uncertainty relations

Rahul Jain

Area Keywords: one-shot information theory, quantum information theory

Travis Nicholson

Area Keywords: Atomic physics, quantum optics

Valerio Scarani

Area Keywords: complexity, nonlocality, thermodynamics

Vlatko Vedral

Area Keywords: nonlocality, quantum gravity

Wenhui Li

Area Keywords: open quantum systems, strongly correlated systems