Noah Stephens-Davidowitz
Visiting Research Fellow
Divesh Aggarwal


  • Phong Q. Nguyen, Jianwei Li, D. Aggarwal, Noah Heskel Sklaire Stephens-Davidowitz. Slide Reduction, Revisited---Filling the Gaps in SVP Approximation.
  • Noah Heskel Sklaire Stephens-Davidowitz, D. Aggarwal. An improved constant in Banaszczyk\'s transference theorem.


  • Noah Heskel Sklaire Stephens-Davidowitz, Joao Ribeiro, D. Aggarwal, Maciej Lukasz Obremski, Siyao Guo. (2020). Extractor Lower Bounds, Revisited. RANDOM
  • Tamalika Mukherjee, Noah Heskel Sklaire Stephens-Davidowitz. (2020). Lattice reduction for modules, or how to reduce ModuleSVP to ModuleSVP.. Journal of Cryptology