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Senior Post-Doctoral position for hybrid quantum network

Senior Post-Doctoral position for hybrid quantum network

Quantum technology is considered to be one of the most disruptive technologies of today. To realize a scalable quantum system requires the teamwork of a diverse set of scientists and engineers. If you are one of those who are enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of quantum technologies, we are looking for you.


In particular, we are looking for a post-PhD scholar with having a deep interest in developing hybrid quantum systems. The person will be part of a larger research team working towards developing a quantum network in Singapore using diverse quantum systems including atoms and solid state devices. Ions in an ion trap are excellent in terms of stationary quantum memory as well as computing qubit, photons are known to be the best communication qubit and quantum dots are most adopted for sensing. This project is to couple these diverse quantum systems over a long distance, thus opening up the possibility to develop a functional quantum network.


The senior post-doctoral fellow will be in charge of realizing the project. The qualification & skillsets expected are:


  • A PhD in experimental atomic, molecular and optical sciences.
  • Sound knowledge about single photon sources and their characterization.
  • Working knowledge of electronics.
  • Hands-on knowledge of optics
  • Working knowledge of writing and understanding python codes.



Preference will be given to:


  • Experience in ion trapping
  • Optics design and simulation


The team is a diverse team of researchers working with a number of collaborators within and outside Singapore. The team specializes in ion trap quantum information processing and sensing. This position will allow the opportunity to work on more than one quantum systems in a collaborative effort within Singapore. The remuneration is competitive and depends on the expertise and skill set.


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Closing Date: 31-Mar, 12:00AM.