To apply, please submit the documents required, such as your curriculum vitae, and the NUS Personal Data Consent for Job Applicants to the contact person indicated in the advertisement. Shortlisted candidates may be required to submit additional documents for review.
PhD position- Superoscillatory fields for trapping, manipulating and detecting ultracold atoms

PhD position- Superoscillatory fields for trapping, manipulating and detecting ultracold atoms

Supervisor: David Wilkowski    

This PhD position concerns a project that pioneer the amalgamation of advanced ultracold atom technology with the emerging technology of optical superoscillations to achieve unprecedented level of control over the physical locations, interactions and quantum states manipulation of atoms at the nanoscale level and in free space.  By generating precisely tailored superoscillatory fields with gigantic gradients and tight foci, we will capture individual atoms onto reconfigurable interacting ensembles of one-, two- and three-dimensional patterns with flexibility in the sub-wavelength domain that has never been available before. Our objectives will therefore to explore new routes for assembly, manipulation, and detection of quantum matter for computing, simulations and sensing applications.
At first, the ultracold sample is a magneto-optical trap on cesium atoms for which expertise has been developed together with important contributions on the field of atoms coupled to nanophotonic systems [1-3]. 

The candidate should have a strong academic background in Quantum and Photonics. Interested candidate should first contact David Wilkowski via email with necessary documentations which includes a CV, brief statement of research interests and names and electronic contact details of at least two referees. 


[1] S. A. Aljunid et al. NanoLett. 16, 3137 (2016).

[2] E. Aik Chan, et al. Opt. Lett. 41, 2005 (2016).

[3] E. Aik Chan, et al. Science Advances 4, eaao4223 (2018).


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