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Research Fellow in Experimental Quantum Optics

Research Fellow in Experimental Quantum Optics

We are looking for a Research Fellow to join a dynamic team to develop enabling technologies for quantum key distribution (QKD). 


Duties & Responsibilities:


Our group’s flagship project is the demonstration of a space-to-ground QKD link from a small-scale satellite. We have recently secured funding for a Singapore-UK intergovernmental quantum communications mission and this would be the primary project of the candidate and of the CQT team in the coming years. 


In addition, the candidate will explore possible designs for light sources that can be used in quantum key distribution and would actively work on open technological problems within the free-space QKD framework, including the quantum channel and the quantum receiver.




We are seeking an applicant with a PhD in quantum physics, nonlinear optics or related fields. The applicant’s skill set should include:



  • Strong experimental background in optics or quantum optics with a proven track record in form of publications and conference presentations.


  • Data analysis skills using relevant software, e.g. Matlab, Python, Mathematica, etc.


  • Fundamental theoretical knowledge in quantum optics or quantum information, nonlinear optics, classical optics and/or free-space optical links.


  • Relevant experience in electronics and common programming languages, e.g. Python, C/C++, etc.


For our group website and further information about our projects and publications see:


Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter and include evidence of their ability to fulfil the duties described above. They should also indicate their desired starting date.



Interested applicants may apply the position click here.

Closing Date: 07-Jan, 12:00AM.