National Day honours for CQT’s Kuldip Singh and Jenny Hogan

Congratulations to Kuldip Singh and Jenny Hogan who were recognised for their merit and service to Singapore at the 2021 National Day Awards
09 August 2021

Congratulations Kuldip Singh and Jenny Hogan from CQT’s admin team! At Singapore’s National Day Awards 2021 on 9 August, they were presented with awards recognising their merit and service to Singapore. Kuldip was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Bronze) and Jenny was awarded the Commendation Medal.

CQT’s Kuldip Singh has received the Public Administration Medal (Bronze).

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze) (Pingat Pentadbiran Awam) (Gangsa), instituted in 1963, is bestowed to persons “for outstanding efficiency, competence and industry”. The medal makes Kuldip a double recipient of the National Day Awards. He was awarded the Commendation Medal in 2011.

Kuldip has led CQT’s administrative team as Admin Director since CQT’s founding in December 2007. Deeply involved in the establishment and running of the Centre from day one, his hard work and managerial skills have helped CQT grow and thrive. Kuldip is also an Associate Professor in the NUS Department of Physics and the University Scholars Programme, and Master of King Edward VII Hall.

CQTians celebrated Singapore’s 50th anniversary in 2015. Jenny is pictured in the front row, first from the right.

Jenny joined CQT in 2010 to manage CQT’s outreach efforts. Now as Associate Director for outreach and media relations, she helps to communicate the Centre’s research in quantum science and technology to the public.

As a recipient of the Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian), Jenny has distinguished herself “through commendable performance and conduct, or significant efficiency, competence and devotion to duty”. This is Jenny’s second public honour this year. In March 2021, she was awarded the Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for The Public Awareness of Physics.

The National Day Awards are given annually on Singapore’s birthday. Kuldip and Jenny were two of 5710 recipients across 21 award categories. Congratulations to Kuldip and Jenny!