CQT’s Jenny Hogan wins award for public outreach

Congratulations to Jenny Hogan on receiving the Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for her outstanding contributions to the physics landscape in Singapore
17 June 2021

Jenny (pictured second from right), with colleagues (from right) Puah Xin Yi, Christian Kurtsiefer, Evon Tan and Alexander Ling at QUANTUM: The Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore in 2019.


Congratulations to Jenny Hogan from CQT’s admin team! Jenny was awarded the Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for The Public Awareness of Physics by the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) on 26 March 2021.

Given annually, the Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize was established by IPS in 2004 and is one of five IPS Awards. The Awards recognise outstanding contributions to the physics landscape in Singapore through research, education and outreach at all levels. Jenny is one of five recipients of the IPS Awards 2020.

Jenny was nominated “for her outstanding outreach contributions, like the curation of the Quantum Exhibit at the Science Centre, the Quantum Shorts texts and videos competition, and for the promotion of physics through highlights of CQT research.”

“Communication of physical sciences is extremely important not only in Singapore, but everywhere in the world to ensure a wide public has a trust in quantitative sciences for life in our modern world,” says IPS President Christian Kurtsiefer. “We do need people like Jenny with a talent of breaking down complex topics in a way that is both accessible and scientifically correct – and still fun.”

Since joining CQT in 2010, Jenny has been instrumental in building and coordinating the Centre’s outreach efforts. She spearheaded many of CQT’s outreach initiatives including the Quantum Shorts competition, which has been running since 2012, and the staging of QUANTUM: The Exhibition. Now Associate Director for outreach and media relations, Jenny continues to oversee and manage the Centre’s outreach programmes.

“Quantum physics may seem a difficult topic for public audiences, but it has compelling hooks, from unanswered fundamental questions to progress in advanced technologies,” says Jenny. “It’s a privilege to explore stories at this scientific frontier, and I count myself lucky to be part of an excellent team here at CQT. I am grateful for the recognition of what we have achieved together.”