Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2017

Download a PDF of CQT's Annual Report to read features on our research and learn more about the centre
26 March 2018

CQT Annual Report 2017

The Centre for Quantum Technologies presents its annual report for 2017. The report showcases CQT's people, research and events as the Centre reaches its tenth anniverary.

Artur Ekert, the Centre's Director, begins his opening letter with a story from our celebrations. "CQT is ten years old and still going strong. Well-wishers who gathered for our tenth anniversary offered both compliments and advice. “Wah, from zero to hero, lah” commented an old friend after visiting our labs. Ten years ago, he saw just empty rooms and dusty floors. “Don’t stop, even at the top”, quipped another high-ranking friend.I was not sure how to interpret this aspirational suggestion, so I just smiled and mumbled. After all, where is the top? The field of quantum technologies has expanded so much that no single institution can embrace the whole range of activities under this label. This said, we do have our niche."

The Centre's annual report shines a light on our niche, offering:

  • An interview with Mr Quek Gim Pew, Chair of CQT's Governing Board and Singapore's Chief Defence Scientist
  • Highlights of the year's news and research
  • Features on topics including CQT's collaboration with Google in quantum simulation, the future of cryptography and our quantum satellite programme
  • Updates on our industry engagement
  • Information on the PhD@CQT programme and interviews with recent graduates
  • Data and listings on staff, papers, visitors, events, budgets and more

Download a PDF of this year's report here: CQT 2017 Annual Report

Reports for previous years are also available.