Stephanie Wehner Group

Quantum information lies at the intersection between physics and computer science. This interdisciplinary group draws from both fields, tackling problems ranging from quantum information theory and cryptography to fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics such as entanglement and non-locality.


Stephanie Wehner
(Principal Investigator)
Office: S15-04-06
Phone:+65 6601 1478
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Stephanie Wehner (Principal Investigator) Corsin Pfister (CQT PhD Student)
Jonathan Oppenheim (Visiting Research Professor) Jedrzej Kaniewski (CQT PhD Student)
Thomas Vidick (Visiting Senior Research Fellow) Md. Tanvirul Islam (Graduate Student)
Laura Mancinska (Research Fellow) Peter Wittek (Internship Student)
Mischa Woods (Research Fellow) Shafaet Ashraf (Internship Student)
Nelly Ng Huei Ying (Research Assistant) Robin Schmucker (Internship Student)

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