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Computer Science

Quantum mechanics and computer science are two of the biggest developments in the last century in science and technology: quantum mechanics gave us the opportunity to understand nature at the nanoscale, where the laws of physics are fundamentally different from the conventional (classical) physics; information technologies have revolutionized our everyday lives.

Quantum computing and quantum information science bring these fields together, applying quantum mechanics to problems in computing and communication. After Shor’s 1994 discovery of a quantum algorithm for factoring integers, which threatened the security of a widely-used encryption method, interest in quantum information science thrived. Other achievements of quantum information science include efficient and secure protocols for communication and cryptography. Those protocols have already resulted in quantum cryptography devices that are commercially available.



Research Activities

Find out more of our upcoming activities.

Positions Available

We invite applications in Quantum Computation and Information and other related areas of Theoretical Computer Science, in the following three categories. Applications can be made anytime during the year.

  1. Post-Doctoral Research Fellows: View our advertisement or find out more detail on benefits and cost of living in Singapore.
  2. Ph.D: View our advertisement or find out the detailed application procedure.
  3. For undergraduate and Masters internship, please write an e-mail to any of the Principal Investigators. For graduate internship applications, please write an e-mail to any of the Principal Investigators with one page summary of the ongoing research in Ph.D and latest curriculum vitae.

Group Member

Divesh Aggarwal (Principal Investigator) Ansis Rosmanis (Research Fellow (NTU))
Hartmut Klauck (Principal Investigator) Antonios Varvitsiotis (Research Fellow (NTU))
Miklos Santha (Principal Investigator) Anupam Prakash (Research Fellow (NTU))
Rahul Jain (Principal Investigator) Han-Hsuan Lin (Research Fellow (NTU))
Troy Lee (Principal Investigator) Hoeteck Wee (Research Affiliate)
Dmitry Gavinsky (Visiting Senior Research Fellow) Iordanis Kerenidis (Research Affiliate)
Itai Arad (Visiting Senior Research Fellow) Prahladh Harsha (Research Affiliate)
Thomas Vidick (Visiting Senior Research Fellow) Sarvagya Upadhyay (Research Fellow (NTU))
Naqueeb Warsi (Research Fellow) Swagato Sanyal (Research Fellow (NTU))
Varun Raj (Research Assistant) Wei Zhaohui (Research Fellow (NTU))
Anurag Anshu (CQT PhD Student) Zhang Shengyu (Research Affiliate)
Erick Purwanto (PhD Student (SoC Dept, NUS)) Tomas Vyskocil (Intern)
Maharshi Ray (CQT PhD Student) Yuki Takeuchi (Intern Student)
Naresh Goud Boddu (CQT PhD Student) Antoine Joux (Visiting Research Professor)
Priyanka Mukhopadhyay (CQT PhD Student) Gabor Ivanyos (Visiting Research Associate Professor)
Srijita Kundu (CQT PhD Student) Serge Massar (Visiting Research Professor)
Yang Siyi (CQT PhD Student)