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Manas Mukherjee Group

A single or few ions trapped in a linear radiofrequency ion trap and laser cooled to low temperatures provide a simple and clean quantum system. A linear chain of such ions is equivalent to a chain of quantum oscillators. We prepare such systems for different kind of studies including emulating condensed matter systems, understanding the inherent geometry of a quantum system and tests of fundamental physics. We are also interested in using trapped ions for quantum information processing and metrology.



Manas Mukherjee
(Principal Investigator)
Email: phymukhe@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-03-14C
Phone:+65 65167518

Group Member

Manas Mukherjee (Principal Investigator) Yum Dahyun (Research Fellow (Physics Dept, NUS))
Liu Peiliang (Research Fellow) Noah Van Horne (CQT PhD Student)
Swarup Das (Research Fellow) Suman Karan (Intern Student)
Tarun Dutta (Research Fellow)