Penghui Yao
Status: Alumnus (data might not be up-to-date)

Former Research Fellow


  • R. Jain, P. Yao. A strong direct product theorem in terms of the smooth rectangle bound.
  • R. Jain, P. Yao. A parallel approximation algorithm for mixed packing and covering semidefinite programs.


  • A. Anshu, Dave Touchette, P. Yao, Nengkun Yu. (2017). Exponential Separation of Quantum Communication and Classical Information. ACM STOC 277-288
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  • A. Anshu, Ankit Garg, Aram Harrow, P. Yao. (2016). Lower bound on expected communication cost of quantum Huffman coding. TQCCC 61 3:1-3:18
  • R. Jain, A. Pereszlenyi, P. Yao. (2014). A parallel repetition theorem for entangled two-player one-round games under product distributions. Proc. IEEE CCC 209-216
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