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CQT workshop on quantum contextuality addresses open questions

Some 50 participants attended the international workshop held 3-7 November
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Zen and the art of quantum complexity

New Scientist magazine features a "Big Idea" from CQT's Vlatko Vedral and Mile Gu
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Witness scheme detects entanglement efficiently

Researchers’ approach could characterise entanglement for applications in communication and computation
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  • CQT Talk by Travis Nicholson, JILA, University of Colorado — Thu 04-Dec, 2:00pm
  • CQT Talk by Agata Checinska, University of Warsaw — Fri 05-Dec, 11:00am
  • CQT PhD QE II Presentation by Suen Whei Yeap — Fri 05-Dec, 2:00pm
  • CQT Annual Symposium 2014 — Mon 08-Dec, 4:00pm
  • CQT Unspeakable Series by Charles Clark, NIST and University of Maryland — Wed 10-Dec, 7:00pm
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